Matt SalmonWe were a successful family business that was struggling with balancing family and business. David and Paul helped us become a business family. Once we were able to do that, becoming a family was a natural step. Thanks to the help at Transition Consulting, we’re more focused as a business and more comfortable as a family.

Matt Salmon
CEO, SALMON Health & Retirement

John CoreyDavid and Paul-
Thank you both again for doing such great work with my family. They really enjoy you as individuals and your personalities. Your work is very effective and we are grateful to have have met and engaged you both.

John Corey
CSC Leasing Company

Austin O’ConnorTransition Consulting Group has worked with our family for over fifteen years. They have earned the trust of my parents and all of my siblings. Our family unity today is due in a large part to the efforts of TCG. They have helped us separate family issues from business issues. I don’t believe we would be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner together without their efforts and I don’t believe we would be running a successful restaurant company today without their efforts.

Austin O’Connor
CEO & Family Member, Briar Group

Craigie ZildjianOnce we realized that all the shareholders were not quite ‘on the same page,’ we felt we needed help in conducting family meetings to reach consensus. Transition Consulting Group was able to assist us with some of the more sensitive issues on a very discrete basis. With their help, we established a three generation Family Council which allowed us to openly discuss the family’s history, culture, and the values of a legacy brand as well as the next generation’s commitment to our family business. They helped us to move forward in a positive way with a clearer sense of direction.

Craigie Zildjian
President and CEO, Zildjian Company

Ethan Becker“What is so unique and very much needed in business consulting, for family business owners, is a consultant who understands that there is a family component.

David has a keen skill to help families in business together understand best practices in business, and at the same time, pay attention to the nuances and emotional needs of family members trying to heal and stay together. We have successfully transitioned a 50-year-old business into its second generation, and I can comfortably and confidently say, we could not have navigated the hiccups, family politics, and challenges without David’s guidance.

He takes a personal, personable, and honest approach. He will connect with you, your family members, and key employees and be empathetic as he says things that may be difficult to hear. Additionally, in a world where everyone has decided to be a consultant of “something,” David is a true specialist. This is not a hobby, he is a second generation family business consultant and a true professional, which in this day in age, is such a joy to work with.”

Ethan Becker
The Speech Improvement Company

Charles J. GallagherThe father and son Family Consulting Team of Paul and David Karofsky are the best! They, definitely, did an effective job in communicating with each member of The Virginia Family and Private Business Forum. They connected!

During a full day workshop, Paul & David were able to guide the different members of multi-generational family businesses in developing a plan of action. Separate work sessions were held. Paul facilitated the older generation. David facilitated the next generation. Personal and business goals were developed.

The groups were then brought together to share and discuss the results of the separate sessions. In many instances, these discussions made it possible for some very sensitive issues to be raised and discussed for the first time. All sides of the issues felt listened to and heard. Paul and David were well prepared and it was a pleasure to see how much they really cared about helping our members to be successful.

Because of the very experienced leadership of both Paul and David, the final discussions were a “Home Run”. And, our family businesses now have a plan of action to pursue in developing their succession plan.

Charles J. Gallagher
PhD, Director Family & Private Business Forum VCU Business School

McKeel HagertyIt is essential for any family in business together to learn how to distinguish between what is family and what is business. Transition Consulting Group helped us do just that; it has made our family time better and our business discussions more productive.

McKeel Hagerty
CEO Hagerty Insurance

Kathy WalshWhen family members go into business together, they take lots of risks-both financially and personally. Over 15 years ago our family business was in crisis and was introduced to Transition Consulting Group. Back then I never thought we would survive, let alone thrive. Here we are many years and crises later; we are still going strong thanks to the continuing guidance of TCG. TCG has become a most trusted advisor, having shared the gift and passion for practical approaches for resolving crises. The life experience of TCG’s principals provides for a constructive process to speedy and healthy resolutions.

Kathy Walsh
Founder, PK Walsh Co.

Larry BermanIt has been a pleasure working with you on our family business transition plan. At first, I tried working with one of our business attorneys and our accountant. After several months, it became apparent that we needed a specialist. Fortunately, we were referred to you and our relationship worked out well. Since we have two 30-year olds to deal with, they have related to David while Paul and I are contemporaries. You have been responsive to and understanding of our goals. Your experience and personalities have worked well to facilitate dialogue relating to sensitive issues. We have recommended you to friends, and will gladly continue to do so.

Larry Berman
CEO, Berman Adjusters

Joseph KolchinskyThanks, David! Much appreciated on all fronts. I always enjoy taking a leap of faith with a service professional and being very pleasantly surprised in both the “art” of their service and in discovering how deep my (our) need for that service really is. Much appreciated – thank you, thank you, thank you.

Joseph Kolchinsky
Founder & Managing Director, OneVision Resources

The Sullivan FamilyThis was an extremely positive experience! David is ‘The Great Facilitator of Communication’ and truly understands all the challenging facets and personal dynamics of a family business. We highly recommend Transition Consulting Group to any business struggling with this daunting process of the transitioning of leadership to the next generation.

The Sullivan Family
Founders, Arrow Fence

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