When to Call TCG

When you’re thinking about any of the following, it’s time to seek expert advice for your family business:

  • When you’re considering asking your kids to join you in the business
  • When you’re finding things tough to talk about
  • When there’s unresolved conflict
  • When family members aren’t heading in the same direction
  • When there isn’t clarity on who’s doing what
  • When you’re ready for some candid feedback
  • When you need a coach and mentor
  • When you don’t have a strategic plan
  • When you or others are feeling anxious or uneasy about impending change
  • When dad or mom won’t “let go”
  • When you’re not sure which of your kids should run the business
  • When the next generation is having a tough time “taking hold”
  • When you’d like to retire, but not sure how
  • When you realize that family business waters are tough to navigate alone
  • When you’re talking to yourself more than with others
  • When you’re losing sleep over family business issues
  • When you’re letting go of the business but want to preserve the family
  • When you’re not sure what to do next

To learn more about we can help your family business, contact us at: 617.699.7899 or [email protected]

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