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Create Sustainability Through Effective Communication
March/April 2016
by Paul & David Karofsky

The Dunleavy Family Enterprise* is about to enter its third generation. CEO Sandra (67) and CFO Sarah (66) are sisters whose sons in their early thirties both hold MBAs, have ten years’ experience in allied fields, and now wish to join the business. There are five other G3s in unrelated fields with no interest in the business. Stock ownership is widely dispersed among all. Sandra and Sarah each believes her son to be the heir apparent, and they are now grappling with a plan for leadership transition and consolidation of ownership. Whenever they try to talk about it, however, the conversations are contentious, emotions rise, and a laundry list of prior misdeeds begins to surface. Full Article>>

ENTITLEMENT: Epidemic of Our Era
How does entitlement present itself? What are its causes and consequences? And how do we cure it?
Autumn, 2010
by Paul & David Karofsky

While waiting for our table during a recent dinner with friends, someone in our party encountered a woman in her mid-20s speaking on a cell phone. The young woman, attractively dressed in designer garb, was overheard saying: “No, I told you we’ll break the trust. Dad simply doesn’t need all that money. He’s already got three homes and three cars. What does he need all that for? Why should it go to his new wife? It’s not right. We’ll get him declared incompetent, but we’ve got to move fast. That money should be ours now. It’s simply not right.” Full Article >>

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