Leadership Assessments & Development

We believe that while some leadership qualities are

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innate, others are learned and develop over time. We also believe that leadership is ‘situational,’ and what works for one business may not work for all. Likewise, where one leader can thrive, another can fail.

Since effective leadership has a direct impact on business value, it is critical for family enterprises to objectively assess and benchmark their leadership value against the needs of their businesses and employees.

To help our clients objectively assess their leadership, Transition Consulting Group offers the Attributes of Leadership™ assessment system. Developed in collaboration with preeminent psychologist, author, and expert on leadership, the late Harry Levinson, Ph.D., this assessment system provides reliable, holistic and objective data to help guide leadership on the path to greater business value.


Using our Attributes of Leadership™ assessment system, we help our clients:

  • Benchmark the leadership needs of their businesses against the abilities of their teams
  • Facilitate continuity planning and generational succession in an objective, metrics-driven format
  • Guide leadership development and career tracking programs for incoming leadership
  • Mentor and develop aspiring leaders


The Attributes of Leadership™ assessment system can be used in multiple scenarios, including:

  • Measure the correlation between existing or incoming leadership and the needs of the business
  • Compare the leadership attributes and compatibility of multiple candidates against open positions
  • Identify opportunities for self-development and improvement by measuring self-perceived leadership skills against the perception of others, including peers, subordinates and supervisors

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