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Case Studies in Good Governance, March 2010
by Paul and David Karofsky


Family business researchers, educators and advisors have long been touting the need to extend the role of governance to non-family members, write father-and-son team Paul and David Karofsky.


However, there are certain questions that families need to ask themselves before embarking on such a process: Whom does the governance structure in a family business serve? Is it the responsibility of those who govern to represent their own individual views or to represent the perspective of those who have elected them? And does governance focus on the immediate needs of some shareholders or the longer-term best interests of the business?
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How to Bring in the Next Generation, May 2010
by Paul and David Karofsky


A recent report by KPMG in Australia explores the education and progression of next generation family members and their approach to changing business strategy, write David and Paul Karofsky.  This resonates with some critical issues faced by several family businesses we are currently working with. Here are the key points to consider.
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Family Vacation House Rules, July 2010
by Paul and David Karofsky


In general, we discourage families from leaving their homes to multiple children as it can often lead to family conflict, write Paul and David Karofsky.


If you are determined to leave a property to more than one person, we encourage families to meet together to create a document of Family Vacation House Rules. They might include the following:
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