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With decades of hands-on experience in our own family businesses, GettyImages_dv1664020-300x300we’ve personally lived the breadth and depth of issues family businesses face every day.  We focus on helping clients address challenges ranging from communication and conflict resolution to strategic planning & positioning and governance.  In traveling the globe, presenting to family business audiences and engaging with clients, we’ve heard stories from hundreds of family and closely-held businesses.  The range of concerns is vast – from entry to exit, through leadership development and strategies for leadership succession as well as acquisitions & divestitures and estate planning.  There’s very little we haven’t seen in terms of challenging business and family situations.

Drawing on our life experiences and professional training, TCG brings a unique dual-generational perspective to the business families we serve. Leveraging a wide range of ideas, expertise and resources from our university affiliation, research and teaching experience, we deliver tested solutions to the real-life challenges you face.

We have a keen understanding of the dynamics inherent in family and closely-held businesses, enabling us to serve you as catalysts for change. Utilizing an inside-out and outside-in approach, we implement effective, creative solutions that produce lasting impact.


To learn more about we can help your family business, contact us at: 508.875.7751 or [email protected]

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