Family Meetings

We often miss the most important connections when managing the hectic pace of our lives, and sometimes a ‘time out’ is necessary to focus on the bigger picture of our families and priorities. With two and sometimes three generations together, offsite gatherings help to:

  • Enhance the connections and bonds which keep your family together
  • Share stories of triumphs and challenges of both the family and the business
  • Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of one another
  • Understand the changing dynamics of parent/child relationships as each gets older

Best of all, offsite gatherings lead to a family action plan, which captures the heart of your conversations during your workshop, as well as your family’s agreed-upon future path and milestones.

Family Enterprise Gatherings are completely customizable, and are designed to specifically address your unique desires and goals. We’ll handle the facilitation of age appropriate exercises and discussions, as well as the logistics to your specifications.

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