Conferences and Workshops

TCG has produced a variety of presentations, seminars and workshops for families, family enterprises and organizations around the globe.

Our presentations are highly customized with content that focuses on the specific interests of each group.  As skilled educators and facilitators, we work with each host producer to create engaging content with actionable value which exceeds audience expectations. Contact us to day to present at your next big event!


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Our presentations and workshops include:

  • FAMILY ENTERPRISE FORWARD: An Intergenerational Workshop Designed to Help Families to Start the Conversation
  • FAMILY RELATIONSHIP MATTERS: Communication Between Parents and Adult Children in a Family Business
  • WORKPLACE CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Keys to Management and Success
  • BUILDING BENCHSTRENGTH: Determining and Assessing the Leadership Needs of Management
  • TOP TRENDS IN FAMILY BUSINESS: Exploring the top 8 trends that are affecting family business today
  • ENTITLEMENT…THE EPIDEMIC: Its cause, cure and prevention
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Understanding your communication style and others’
  • FAMILY STORIES: Creating a coat of arms and passing on the legacy
  • FATHERS AND SONS: Friends or foes
  • MANAGING EXPECTATIONS: Anticipating reactions and consequences
  • RIGHTS OF PASSAGE: A guide to leadership succession
  • SO YOU’RE IN THE FAMILY BUSINESS: A series of mini case studies
  • SUCCESSION PLANNING: The hard side
  • THE ART OF LETTING GO: A guide to members of the senior generation
  • THE ART OF LISTENING: A guide to effective communication
  • THE ATTRIBUTES OF LEADERSHIP: A checklist for emerging leaders
  • THE BURDEN OF WEALTH: An insurmountable opportunity
  • THE CODE OF CONDUCT: A model for harmony
  • UNDERSTANDING FAMILY BUSINESS:  The rights and wrongs for advisors
  • VISUALIZING: A sports metaphor for family business
  • WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH: Does the old dog hang in there?


We have presented to:

  • BKR International, Sydney Australia
  • Bryant University, Providence
  • Campden Conferences
  • Carrier Corporation, Div. United Technologies, Farmington
  • Chief Executive Network
  • El Tiempo Family Business Conference, Bogota
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison
  • Family Business Council, Detroit
  • Family Firm Institute
  • Florida International University, Eugenio Pino and Family Global Entrepreneurship Center
  • Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow
  • Business Conference, San Francisco
  • King’s College, Wilkes-Barre
  • Massachusetts Society of CPAs
  • Northeastern University Alumni Conference, Athens
  • Northeastern University Center for Family Business, Boston
  • Parker Hannifin Corporation, Cleveland
  • The University of Toledo, Toledo
  • Tulane University, New Orleans
  • UBS Financial Services, Inc., Boston
  • University of Alberta, Edmonton
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • University of New Hampshire, Durham
  • University of New Haven, New Haven
  • University of Southern Illinois, Chicago
  • University of Southern Maine, Portland
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond
  • YPO Chapter Meetings:
    • Bahrain
    • Boston
    • Calcutta
    • Copenhagen
    • Guatemala City
    • Hong Kong
    • Madras
    • New Delhi
    • Perth
  • YPO Mid-west Area Conference
  • YPO International University:
    • Athens
    • Auckland
    • Buenos Aires


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