The following videos provide insight into the joys, pains and challenges of working in family businesses as well as how Transition Consulting Group can be a catalyst for change to help your family enterprise thrive and achieve competitive sustainability.

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Discussing Family Business Challenges and Opportunities with Adam Witty

The Changing Dynamics of Family Business

Generational Differences in Family Business

Challenges in Family Business

Why did you start Transition Consulting Group?

Key Challenges Facing Family Enterprise

Preserving the Legacy

Anointing the Next Generation

One Family’s Story

Working with my Son

Working with my Father

Gaining Credibility in the Family Business

Leadership in the Family Business

What is your consulting process?

How long do you usually work with clients?

What are the most common challenges you see?

How do you work with family businesses?

Transition Consulting Group on When It’s Time To Plan

Transition Consulting Group’s ‘What Would You Do?’ Series: Decision Time for the Wheelers

TCG June 2011 Decision Time for the Wheelers Conclusion

Transition Consulting Group on Leadership

Family Business: Creating a Code of Conduct

Family Business: Negotiating a Win-Win

Family Business: What Would You Do?

Family Business: What Would You Do? Conclusion

3 Keys to Entry Criteria When Entering the Family Business

Family Business Experts: Welcome to Transition Consulting Group

Family Business Conflict Resolution Strategies

Family Business Estate Planning Services

Governance Strategies in Family Businesses

Family Business Leadership Assessments

Strategic Planning for the Family Business

Succession Planning in Family Businesses

Keeping Your Family Business Off The Holiday Table

Give us an example of the impact that these stories have had on a client of yours.

The Importance of Family Meetings

Paul Karofsky on the TCG Difference

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