Peer Group FAQs

The Karofskys’ exposure to literally thousands of business families plus their own experience in designing, producing, facilitating more than 500 forums convinced them of the immeasurable benefits and inherent need for peer-to-peer learning in family enterprises.

Yes, membership is open to key stakeholders of family enterprises: owners, family members, employees and board members.

Membership in The Peer Alliance includes quarterly, full-day professionally facilitated meetings within your designated peer group – a consistent group of individuals allowing for growth and development over time. These in-person full-day meetings are supplemented with monthly video conferences designed for groups to stay connected on a regular basis, conclude issues that arise during the previous quarterly session and plan for topics and agendas that the group should focus on during the next full-day quarterly session.

Groups may range in size from 8-15 people.

Yes. The Peer Alliance Forum facilitators are individually selected based on their understanding of the issues related specifically to family enterprises, their academic and professional qualifications and their facilitation skills and styles. While you may wish to ask a facilitator to do some consulting work for you, you will not be solicited by the facilitator.

Forum groups meet once a quarter for a full-day of professionally facilitated meetings. Interim monthly video conference calls allow for member check-ins and updates and agenda refinement for the next meeting.

Peer groups meet face-to-face from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (including continental breakfast and lunch). While each group has the option of fine tuning the format to meet members’ desires, the day will typically include an update, an opportunity for members to identify key issues they wish to address, prioritizing those and then diving deep into these issues with your forum group to brainstorm strategies and solutions based on the group’s collective knowledge, skill and experience.

Meetings will be held at local hotels or meeting facilities. The group facilitator will coordinate all logistics for the peer group.

In order to allow for optimum confidential sharing in a secure setting, competitor companies are separated into different peer groups.

Each member is expected to commit to a bond of confidentiality affirming that what is said in the meeting stays in the meeting and is not shared with anyone else. This represents a fundamental asset to the forum group experience that creates an environment for true sharing, brainstorming and growth.

Yes, we encourage you to do so. Members, more than anyone else, can testify to the value of The Peer Alliance Forums, so member endorsement is important to everyone’s shared success.

We wish to preserve an environment in which comfort, openness and sharing can be at its greatest level. From time to time we are approached by people who wish to network and do business with business families. If this is the primary goal of a potential member or if a prospect is not engaged in a family enterprise, then membership in The Peer Alliance may not be appropriate.

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