…To leave or not to leave

So, You’re in the Family Business… by Paul  Karofsky Jean (Mom): You two used to have such a good relationship. But it has deteriorated as the problems in the business have increased. You’ve got to straighten out your personal relationship regardless of the business! Matt (son): Look, we’ve had pricing problems, delivery problems, and our […]

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…Whose family comes first?

So, You’re in the Family Business… by Paul Karofsky Carla (wife): I still don’t understand why your father and your brother earn the same money as you. You’re the president of the company. Your brother certainly doesn’t put in the same hours that you do. And your father has been drawing from the company for […]

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…When the heir apparent may not be so

So, You’re in the Family Business… by Paul Karofsky Attorney: Since we both have the family’s permission to discuss our thoughts about the company, I wanted to share some of my concerns with you. While the current situation appears stable, I am worried about our client’s son and his long term ability to carry on […]

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