Video Blog Friday’s Vol. 10 • When generational perspectives differ…

With each installment of our Video Blog Friday’s Series, Paul Karofsky reflects on influential lessons learned from his career working with family businesses. Each Friday, we will provide a new story with a unique topic – so stay tuned! We hope you enjoy the 10th feature in our series, When generational perspectives differ… where generational […]

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EMAIL PROTOCOL: When and how to best use email

Most of the articles on the web about the inappropriate use of emails refer to security, personal use issues and sharing offensive material in the workplace.  In our work with family and closely held businesses, we know that their concerns are far more reaching.  They center on “courtesy” vs. “rudeness” or downright “hostility.”   So here […]

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Learning From Your Peers – an Invaluable Resource to Drive Growth and Change in Your Family Business

There’s lots of evidence that family business leaders learn more from their peers than anyone else.  This makes good sense.  You are learning from people who have experienced the same things you are going through or will be encountering- from sibling challenges to transition of ownership or leadership to building a Board or the possibility […]

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