TCG News: New Family Business Testimonials

As the holiday season draws near, we can’t keep count of the many things we’re thankful for, including our family, friends, and colleagues. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with and help family businesses just like our own, day in and day out.

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Next Generation Challenges: When A Hope Is Not A Promise

This article is from the “So You’re In The Family Business” series, authored by Paul Karofsky. To view more of these family business articles, click here. WHEN A HOPE IS NOT A PROMISE Sandy: When I started to work for you, Dad, you told me I would take over the business. That was thirteen years ago. […]

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Conflict Resolution: How Do You Handle Conflict?

Inside and outside of the family business, conflict is a fact of life. Different personalities with competing goals, agendas and backgrounds constantly come together in conflict on a daily basis. While unresolved or unaddressed conflict is toxic, effective conflict resolution strategies can build closer relationships and help drive progress in your family business. However, before […]

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