People Analytics vs. Traditional HR

The cost of employee turnover may be the greatest unbudgeted expense businesses can incur.  Steven Pearlstein, columnist for The Washington Post writes, “According to a survey conducted by Arlington-based Corporate Executive Board, nearly a quarter of all new hires leave within a year, while Gallup reports that half of those who do stay reported being […]

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Reinforce Someone Doing Something Significant

In his recent blog, Walter Chen challenges the theory of motivation presented 70 years ago by Abraham Maslow in his book, Hierarchy of Needs. Chen writes about autonomy, empowerment, the need for belonging, and the importance of positive reinforcement, citing research that shows how Maslow’s theory is incorrect. This makes us reflect on writings from […]

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GIVING BACK: The Responsibility of Family Enterprise

Several years ago, a cousin of mine who was founder and president of The Philanthropic Initiative, presented a program for a university based group that I ran for family members in business together.  The title was THE BURDEN OF WEALTH: An Insurmountable Opportunity.  With a wonderfully provocative title, the event was chock full of stories […]

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