Focus on the joys of Family Business

So much of the conversation about family business seems to be about “what’s wrong”  with a focus on the problems, challenges, disconnects, and conflicts.  Too little is said of the advantages – the joys and rewards of working toward a shared vision and goals with those we love.  What about giving the next generation the […]

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Pearls of Wisdom During the Holiday

Our friends, Gail and John Kaplan of Marriage Labs send a monthly message focused on the relationship between couples.  This month’s “pearl” and another from September 30th strike a chord for family members in business together.  So, as we celebrate the holiday season, let’s give ourselves a gift- some time for reflection. Click here to […]

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The do’s and don’ts of delegation

In a meeting of one of The Peer Alliance Forums for Current and Emerging Leaders, the challenges of “delegating” surfaced.  For sure, the discussion included the classic line, “I can do it better and faster than anyone else, so why should I delegate.”  As the discussion ensued, we offered the following tip:  spend a […]

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