The do’s and don’ts of delegation

In a meeting of one of The Peer Alliance Forums for Current and Emerging Leaders, the challenges of “delegating” surfaced.  For sure, the discussion included the classic line, “I can do it better and faster than anyone else, so why should I delegate.”  As the discussion ensued, we offered the following tip:  spend a few minutes listing the tasks you perform and measure them to these three criteria:

  1. It’s important to the business that you, personally, perform that task
  2. It’s a task you enjoy doing
  3. It’s a task you are good at

If there are tasks that meet none of these criteria, then we suggest you consider delegating them.  That’s where the link to this article comes in.  Check it out and you may start delegating more so you can “work more on the business and less in the business.”

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