Welcoming the Next Generation in the Family Business

A recent report by KPMG in Australia explores the education and progression of next generation family members and their approach to changing business strategy, write David and Paul Karofsky. (Click here to view the report) This resonates with some critical issues faced by several family businesses we are currently working with. Here are the key points […]

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Family Business: You Have to Begin at the Beginning

Father: Rick, I thought this project was going to be completed yesterday. Son: Well, Dad, I tried to, but there were just so many things going on. Father: I understand there are lots of things going on, but you’ve got to get this done. Son: I’m sure I’ll be able to get to it later […]

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Entitlement: The Epidemic of our Era

Originally published in Family Business Magazine How does entitlement present itself? What are its causes and consequences? And how do we cure it? While waiting for our table during a recent dinner with friends, someone in our party encountered a woman in her mid-20s speaking on a cell phone. The young woman, attractively dressed in […]

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