Focus on the joys of Family Business

So much of the conversation about family business seems to be about “what’s wrong”  with a focus on the problems, challenges, disconnects, and conflicts.  Too little is said of the advantages – the joys and rewards of working toward a shared vision and goals with those we love.  What about giving the next generation the extraordinary opportunity that was given to us?  What about the pride in perpetuating the legacy, values and culture of our parents or grandparents or maybe great-grandparents and the delight in guiding, coaching and supporting our children as they mature into proficient leaders?    What about the pleasure of seeing our parents have freedom for meaningful pursuits- like spending more time with their grandchildren?     What about the ability to control our own destiny and even expand and diversify from a solid foundation?  What about patient capital, a longer-term view, and the research confirmed unparalleled competitive advantage with less managerial politics, ease of decision making, more flexible practices, efficient communication, employee loyalty, and lower transaction costs, closer relationships with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders, and a superior return on investment?1

This holiday season, let’s make time to rejoice in the precious opportunity our family members have given us to be able to work together.  Let’s truly celebrate!

1 A Resource-Based Framework for Assessing the Strategic Advantages of Family Firms, The Best of FBR II by Timothy G. Habbershon, Mary L. Williams

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