Video Blog Fridays: Sustaining the Family Business

Beginning today, The Peer Alliance blog will be periodically featuring a video blog on Fridays — a chance for our senior management to communicate directly to our members in a conversational format.


The following is a transcription for the above video.

Paul Karofsky:  At the summer launch for The Peer Alliance, Jim Kaloyanides of New England Coffee had some wonderful remarks.  Think about family businesses.  Think about your customers who are in family business.  If you can help them survive through another generation, if you can help them sustain their family business, if you can help them transition to another generation and do so effectively by introducing them to The Peer Alliance so they can address the issues and be proactive to support sustainability – look at what you’re doing for yourself and your own family business to not have to find another customer, to keep the customers you’ve got through yet another generation.

David Karofsky:  It’s a great point.  The Peer Alliance is an organization designed to create peer-to-peer forum groups for people in family businesses.  So as my dad is saying here, you have an opportunity to share your experiences and get the experiences of others to help you lead a better family business and transition to the next generation – to help you keep your customers as well.  If you want to learn more, check out The Peer Alliance – — thanks.

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