A Look Back at 2012

Sure, it’s 2013 and we’re focused on looking forward — on planning and setting goals for the New Year.  But let’s take time out for just a few minutes and look back at 2012.

Is there something you wish you accomplished last year but didn’t?  What is it that you wish you might have done or maybe should have done or could have done last year in your family enterprise but didn’t do?   Have you got the opportunity to do it this year?  In order to answer the second question, you might be well served to understand the cause of it not getting done last year.  Did last year present obstacles that can be overcome this year?  Were there other actions that needed to occur first?  Did you need “buy-in” from others?  Or maybe it simply wasn’t a sufficient priority.

It’s tempting to say that the cause of it not getting done was because of others.  But we suspect if you dig deep, you’ll see that you might have had more influence on the results than you presently believe.  Whatever the cause, it didn’t get done.  And if it was your goal, we suggest that you own it.

So, what about this year?  What will be different?  Will it become a priority?  Perhaps an understanding of what happened (or didn’t happen) last year might make it a bit easier to address this year.  One way to help make it a reality could be to craft a plan anticipating obstacles with mini-plans to overcome them.

We also encourage you to engage family members in the process — to seek their understanding and support.  After all, they’ve got a stake in it as well.  Being the Lone Ranger isn’t always the best practice.  Reflection and collaboration can pay handsome dividends and even help produce results!

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