Attributes of Leadership

The following quote is from Jose Costa, President of MAACO!.

“Research tells us that leadership is not telling people what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Leadership requires a leader plus a group of people, a formula where the leader works to influence his team rather than direct his people.

This influence cannot be achieved blindly — leaders must be both goal-oriented and prepared to communicate and achieve these goals with their team. According to a recent Gallup poll, creating hope for the future and helping people pave the way forward is one of the top four basic needs of followers or, in this case, of the group of people over whom you want to have social influence — your team and employees.

Leaders must also know how their personal leadership skills can guide them and their team toward their goals. Honing your skills, and understanding the ones you have and the ones you lack, allows you to fully develop your leadership style for maximum effectiveness. Simply put, you need to maximize what you have and improve what you don’t have.”

Transition Consulting Group, Ltd, in conjunction with the late psychologist and expert on leadership, Harry Levinson, has developed an instrument to measure a individual’s Attributes of Leadership and their match to the needs of the business.

Click here to see how this instrument can assess your leadership competencies and serve as a foundation for professional development and growth.

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