Legal Harborside Event • Thoughts from the Karofskys

Following The Peer Alliance’s Summer Kickoff event at Legal Harborside in Boston, MA — Paul and David Karofsky reflect on the event in this short video.  The following is a transcription for the above video.


David Karofsky:  Hi I’m David Karofsky with The Peer Alliance and I wanted to share with you an event that we did last night at Legal Harborside in Boston, Massachusetts.   We were honored to have Roger Berkowitz, President and CEO of Legal Sea Foods, talk a little bit about his experience in the world of family business.  Dad, why don’t you tell us a little bit about what Roger did last night?

Paul Karofsky:  Roger was great.  He’s a well-known and well respected CEO within the world of family enterprise, with 33 restaurants up and down the East Coast.  Roger came out with several great lines, but one of the best was “when the family takes care of the business, the business will take care of the family.”  He understands the world of family enterprise in depth and he had great commendation for you and me, great support for The Peer Alliance and great recognition that the way to address the issues and the concerns and the challenges of family business is to be able to communicate and talk about them – and sharing them with peers is what The Peer Alliance is all about.

David Karofsky:  That’s right, we had close to 60 people attend this event last night, and they were really there to learn more about The Peer Alliance.  The Peer Alliance is a group that’s designed to create peer forum groups for people that are in family business.  If you’re in a family business and a member of the younger generation or a member of the senior generation, it can often be difficult to talk about some of the challenges in a family business.  You can’t necessarily go to your board; you can’t go to your executive team; so who do you go to?  The Peer Alliance is your own personal board of advisors, and to learn from them, to learn from their experiences of what it’s like to be in a family business – that’s what The Peer Alliance is all about.

Paul Karofsky:  So check us out further,, or click on the link below.

David Karofsky:  Thanks!

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