LeadershipIn between The Peer Alliance forum meetings, we hold interim video conference calls.  Forum members provide updates to one another and insight into current opportunities and challenges.

In a recent call, we talked about a paradox of leadership- “Benevolent Dictator” vs. “Consensus Builder.”  The former can certainly be effective and efficient, yet can also build resentment to a perceived display of force and power.  While consensus building can also be effective, it is seldom as efficient time-wise.  While empowering others, it consumes lots of time and energy.  Yet it can also be more enduring as others share in the ownership of both the decision making process and the result which they will most likely have a role in implementing.  Leadership has nothing to do with “control.”  It’s about influencing pothers and to do this you have to be able to relate to others and understand where they are coming from.

Are there times for both “benevolent dictatorship” and “consensus building?”  Sure.  The trick is to know which to apply to what topics and when.

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