What Would You Do? Off the Topic and Out of Control (Conclusion)

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When we last visited Barry and his parents, it seemed that they were at an impasse.

At this meeting with Barry and his mom and dad, Mom and Dad were just that… Mom and Dad.  They reacted as parents and not as business colleagues.  And, of course, this prompted Barry to respond as son, not as a business colleague.  As the dialogue escalated, each became more deeply entrenched in the parent/child role.  Had Barry made his opening remarks to a non-family business associate, the response would have probably been with a moment of empathy and then move on to the business discussion at hand.

In a business setting, it’s important for family members to retain their business roles and not slip (which can so easily be done) into their family roles.  Failure to do this will often result not only in an unnecessary conflict, but a distraction as well

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